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Our national flag (Dannebrog) with our fallen comrades names on is our way to show, that we will never forget them. 
Their sacrifice for a better world will help to give other strength and faith in themselves.

Veterans And Their Families / Denmark believe that positive experiences bring people closer together. Therefore, our events are not only for a veteran but also for his or her family ..

The veteran must apply with a family member or good friend.

Because an experience alone will bring them even further apart, We want to give them new positive memories together. Otherwise it will just be like sending the soldier back to a mission without his or her family and when he or she returns home,
it will again be to a environment that does not understand what he/she has been through this time, and we have therefore created an even bigger gap between them.

With positive experiences together, we can give them some important memories that can make them look back on some positive memories, when the days get a bit too dark.

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